For a fair growth, Vietti has chosen Accademia della Vigna


We truly believe that, at the foundation of a good wine, there are first of all good relationships.

This is what can be read on the website of Accademia della Vigna, a project that shares the same vision as the Vietti brand: doing good for people and community. 

Accademia della Vigna is the very first academy that has a social impact on viticulture.The true ethical meeting point between companies and those who choose to restart from the Earth. For those who would like to apply, Accademia della Vigna offers real quality job opportunities: with regular recruitment contracts, technical training directly in the field, transversal training designed to guarantee the right knowledge in terms of safety, rights and agricultural regulations. Always supported by a tutor

Vietti, who chose Accademia della Vigna in 2021, has since brought its team to completion with people who, up to this day, are looking after the vineyards in the wake of sustainability: not just environmental, but above all social sustainability.

A decision that, once again, involves the human capital – the greatest asset available for fair and ethical growth, respecting the high quality that, since its origins, distinguishes Vietti.