Dedicated to our MGA

Discovering an MGA together with Eugenio, the soul of our winery. We are in Rocche di Castiglione, a land that is part of our history, thanks to its location and characteristics.

What does wine tell us?

Beyond the label. What does wine tell us? Find out through our experiences: from grape bunch to wine glass. The Classic tasting showcases 5 traditional wines of the area, including a Barolo. Accompanied, of course, by a rooftop reception and … Continued

Springtime in the vineyard

Buds and shoots announce to us that spring begins today. Thus, our most significant source of pride-to-be starts to take shape: the cluster. It is our responsibility to care for it and to convey each of its forms to the … Continued

The leading values of our daily work

Equality, fairness, and inclusion are the leading values of our daily work. The same ones that drive Vietti and enable us to put people first and ensure their true value every day. Today, on Women’s Day, and always.

Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà 2019

Vietti first produced Rabajà in the 1980s. Today, with the 2019 vintage, this Riserva is back. It comes from one of the most historic and prestigious single vineyards in the Barbaresco area. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in steel vats for … Continued

James Suckling also rewards Vietti’s quality

Seven out of Vietti Barolo wines have been awarded by American critic James Suckling, among these, our Barolo Monvigliero scored 99 points.    Below are the scores: Barolo Monvigliero 2020: 99 points  


Antonio Galloni of Vinous rewards Vietti’s quality

Once again, our wines, the result of a team effort that begins in the vineyard and ends in the glass, have been recognized for their quality. The commitment and care of Vietti have been acknowledged by Antonio Galloni’s Vinous scores. … Continued


Time of pruning

We are in the vineyard. This is where our team, dedicated to the care of the vines for more than 20 years, is pruning. This practice begins in winter, during the vegetative dormancy of the plant, and continues until its … Continued

Share to grow together

This has always been Vietti’s attitude, which we have expressed once again at the Sales Force Meeting for the Italian market.


The vine’s resting period

It is called ‘vegetative rest’ and indicates the time, during the winter season, when the plant reduces its lymphatic activity and becomes completely inactive, aided by falling temperatures.

Towards Christmas. Together. Focusing on people

Christmas is a magical time where love, family in all its forms, and sharing are celebrated. We witness the same magic in the cellar, where time seems to slow down. But we know the wait will soon be repaid with … Continued

Wine is always a memory

It’s the memory of a land, a vineyard, and a specific vintage.  Moreover, it can also be a recollection of a moment shared with your loved ones. Wine overcomes the excitement of the moment and can become a story to … Continued

Our Wine Shop: where you can discover our labels

Our wine shop reflects a beautiful blend of yesterday’s architecture and today’s hospitality that introduces our guests to our selection of wines. Labels of excellence are capable of accompanying the most beautiful moments of everyday life or to be kept … Continued


Castiglione Falletto: our home, the house of wine

The historical roots of Castiglione Falletto date back to Roman times, and it is easy to understand the strategic reasons behind it: it stands on a 350-meter-high hill and dominates the territory in every direction.


Talking about Gianni Gallo means talking about art, Langa, wine, poetry

These are the words that Carlin Petrini dedicates to Gianni Gallo, who is not only a designer, engraver, and artist of these hills and their wine-growing expressions, but also an attentive man, a connoisseur of these places and their flavors, … Continued


Vietti presents its manifesto. Four elements that gather its identity

Telling about the reasons that guide us towards quality every single day. Describing the motivations that identify the Vietti brand and that have made it the symbol of a territory. These are the premises that have led us to the … Continued


Autumn, foliage and fog at Vietti’s

It has taken a long time for autumn to come on our hills this year. But, eventually, Nature has run its course, and the chromatic horizon has changed. The historic winery of Vietti, perched on the highest point of Castiglione … Continued

2023 Harvest

In a year marked by extreme weather conditions, the Langa of Barolo was fortunate enough to be spared by most of them. The experience of the winemaker, which has been indispensable in making the qualitative and quantitative difference this year, … Continued