Renzo Piano Barolo 2012 Riserva Villero

The 2012 vintage will be remembered for a series of particular climatic variations, with the varietal’s complex profile embodied in the alternating temperatures and rainfall that culminated in significant ranges in temperature during the last ten days of September and … Continued

Giuseppe Stampone Barolo 2010 Riserva Villero

It seems likely that 2010 will be remembered in the annals of the Langa as a “perfect” vintage – a true wonder amongst the post-war harvests. Perfection in a great wine can be understood as a synthesis of olfactory and … Continued

Anton Fuchs Barolo 2009 Riserva Villero

2009 will be remembered among the great Langa vintages for its exuberance in the texture and opulence of the fruit.  Trying to balance the contrast between richness and freshness represented a true challenge in this important vintage. This process of … Continued

Qiu Guangping Barolo 2007 Riserva Villero

In searching for the artist that we could commission for the label of our 2007 Barolo Riserva ‘Villero’, we looked to the other side of the world. We were able to successfully enlist one of the most well-known, young contemporary … Continued


Oliviero Toscani Barolo 2006 Riserva Villero

The Artist who created the work that dresses our Barolo 2006 Riserva ‘Villero’ is one of Italy’s most celebrated photographer: Oliviero Toscani. Born in Milan in 1942, he studied photography and graphics in Swietzerland at the Zurich University of the … Continued


Leonid Sokov Barolo 2004 Riserva Villero

Within living memory no decade has been as generous in treating us to extraordinarily great vintages as the first of the new millennium. After seven years of ageing and maturing in our cellars, we are pleased to present the 2004 … Continued


Wayne Thiebaud Barolo 1997 Riserva Villero

As it’s been widely reported, starting from 1995 in Piedmont we have got a series of excellent vintages, and the Barolo Riserva Villero is bottled only in these special vintages. In 2003 we released the 1996 bottling, this year we … Continued


Robert Cottingham Barolo 1996 Riserva Villero

Finally, six years after the last vintage this “Riserva” was produced, we are especially happy to confirm the upcoming availability of our most precious and unique Barolo. As you know, the Barolo Riserva Villero, in addition to being bottled exclusively … Continued


Janet Fish Barolo 1990 Riserva Villero

The idea of commissioning the label for this wine, the product of an outstanding vintage, from a contemporary American artist, was suggested to us by an American friend who works as an Art dealer in Philadelphia and has been following … Continued


Pierflavio Gallina Barolo 1989 Riserva Villero

Pierflavio Gallina, born in 1948 in Santo Stefano Belbo, focused all his work on vine and wine themes. The critic of “La Stampa”, Marco Rosci, defined his work as follows: “ …vine leaves and shoots, as well as ears of … Continued


Valerio Miroglio Barolo 1985 Riserva Villero

The first contact we had with Valerio Miroglio was during a visit to his studio in Asti in 1974, when – with all the necessary tact and caution – we confessed to him that we were interested in using his … Continued


Gianni Gallo Barolo 1982 riserva Villero

Speaking of Gianni Gallo is hard for us, in view of our close friendship and his reserved, solitary nature. Without Gianni and his precious suggestions though, our idea of creating a series of artist labels would probably have never come … Continued

Gioxe De Micheli Barbaresco 1974 Masseria

Born in Milan in 1947, and son of the celebrated critic Mario De Micheli, Giuseppe – or Gioxe as he liked to be called in the Genoa dialect – was a very promising young engraver at the time. When he … Continued


Eso Peluzzi Barolo 1974 Rocche

We came to know the Savona artist Eso Peluzzi, born in Cairo Montenotte in 1894, through Claudio Bonichi. He had withdrawn into solitude on the hills of Monchiero in order to find the right inspiration, and – as Giovanni Arpino … Continued

Pier Paolo Pasolini Nebbiolo d’Alba 1974

Our friendship with Pasolini began in 1974, when in his enthusiasm for the wines we had sent him he told us he would have liked to produce a film for the label, not just a drawing . We were very … Continued


Mino Maccari Barolo 1971 vigneto Icardi

An eclectic personality (engraver, author, journalist and screenplay writer) with an exuberant character, and full of enthusiasm. Our first contact with the artist dates back to September 1976, and by January ’77 we had received not just one, but as … Continued

Pietro Cascella Barolo 1970 Briacca

We met the Maestro at his home inland from Viareggio, where he lived with his family. Cascella immediately accepted our proposal, which he found full of a “flavour of days gone by”. It convinced him sufficiently to lead him to … Continued

Claudio Bonichi Barbaresco 1971 Masseria

Right from the outset, at our first encounter in Monchiero, Claudio Bonichi came across as a really likeable, quite unique character. He loved to define himself as an “immigrant in the Langhe with colonialist tendencies”, capable as he was of … Continued