2009 will be remembered among the great Langa vintages for its exuberance in the texture and opulence of the fruit.  Trying to balance the contrast between richness and freshness represented a true challenge in this important vintage.

This process of equalizing contrasting elements and this juxtaposition of differences is a fundamental element for complementary cultural and intellectual ideas which are present both in nature and among human relationships. For this reason, the work of Anton Fuchs was selected for the label of Barolo Riserva ‘Villero’ 2009. This is only the eleventh vintage Barolo Riserva ‘Villero’ bottled in a history of about thirty harvests, making it a rare wine that is created equally by nature and vocation.

Anton Fuchs is an important German artist who lives and works in Cologne where his atelier is located. His unique creations often result from the composition of unusual and unconventional materials in which contrast of colors and materials become symbols and meanings. His has been a long and articulated artistic journey that can be synthesized exhaustively by drawing on a famous affirmation concerning the meaning of his works:  “Life in its simplest form, connection and reaction to all that exists.” Anton Fuchs

Total production for the 2009 vintage was 3.593 standard bottles, 100 magnums and 5 double-magnums.