We came to know the Savona artist Eso Peluzzi, born in Cairo Montenotte in 1894, through Claudio Bonichi.

He had withdrawn into solitude on the hills of Monchiero in order to find the right inspiration, and – as Giovanni Arpino wrote – “to nourish his reserved genius and portray the snow and astonished country folk of the Langa with his sharp, ageless wit”. Eso Peluzzi was born into a world of art: his father was a highly skilled lute-maker, his mother a photographer, and his grandfather a sculptor.

We were very pleased when in 1984 the Castle in our own village, Castiglione Falletto, hosted a celebratory exhibition of his work entitled “An artist in and out of the twentieth century”.

We enjoy remembering him in Arpino’s very accurate description: “ …rather than old-fashioned, he was a man of the old school; a man who approached his craft without any sense of showing off; he just invited people to be simple, because simplicity is eternal”. When he engraved for us the scene of the innocent Susanna bathing, he was already an old man, but his mind was as alive as ever. The work was drawn by hand on zinc, and printed in positive in 3,900 copies for the label of the 1974 Barolo Rocche.