It seems likely that 2010 will be remembered in the annals of the Langa as a “perfect” vintage – a true wonder amongst the post-war harvests. Perfection in a great wine can be understood as a synthesis of olfactory and gustatory harmony, ideal precursors of a complexly layered drink with freshness and agility. Silky tannins and acidity exist in absolute balance and all these qualities come together to serve the longevity and potential immortality of the wine.

It is as if nature sometimes commits itself to making complex things simple and it is in this spirit that we wished to commission for this particular label a great artist, Giuseppe Stampone, who makes the simple translations of great inspirations his extraordinary and distinguishing mark. To this end, we offer as further explanation, a statement by the artist himself: “Although I am bound to the recovery of doing, my approach to art is a conceptual approach. Therefore there is no mannerist reason for my part linked to the concept of doing understood as the good work, rather it is an urgency ever more looming to give a form (to do) to one’s own thought. This action nourishes the need for a precise time. A real time that must not undergo the acceleration imposed by the market, the Internet and the new global village. A space-time within the work determined primarily by the dilation of time itself. The doing that implies a time of realization that makes us recover our most intimate time. We must start again to dedicate the right time to the things we do and the contents we absorb “.  – Giuseppe Stampone

Total production for the 2010 vintage was 3.316 standard bottles, 100 magnums.