Our experiences: an act of sharing


We share our knowledge throughout experiences. We aim to narrate and share our expertise so as to generate a heritage capable of resisting time.

With this intention, that has always defined our activity as winemakers, we have shaped new activities, destined to illustrate the Vietti’s interpretation of a territory and its grapes. 

You will be able to visit our historical cellar accompanied by five traditional wines, including a Barolo. Alternatively, you could discover all the nuances of the King of these hills through a six-wines tasting, that includes three Barolos. Both proposals are characterized by a welcoming moment on our panoramic terrace. 

For the lovers of Nature, who want to enjoy it step by step, it is possible to take part on a trekking activity in our vineyards and in the Additional Geographical Definitions: Scarrone, Rocche di Castiglione and Villero, accompanied by the colors of sunrise and sunset, and four wines that can be tasted along the way. 

Our experiences were born as a real tool for cultural and territorial enhancement. At the service of those who, like us, have the task of looking after the future of Earth.

If you’d like to book, please follow the link: https://visit.vietti.com/it/5b3e2e42ceb70f77a20d504c?lang=it