The historic winery is finally completed with a new store


From Friday 21 – launch and opening to the public

Our historic winery, located at the highest point of Castiglione Falletto alongside the homonymous castle, is now completed with a new store

A place that unites the architecture of the past with the design of today, where it will be possible to discover all of our labels, so that the most ideal wine can be chosen – the wine that is meant to accompany moments of day-to-day life, or destined to be treasured.

Open from Monday to Sunday, the store will welcome the first wine-enthusiasts starting from Friday, April 21.

A space that is destined to wine dialogues and to the history of the Vietti brand, and its commitment to and for the territory. 

The store was designed by the architect Gianluca Tomaselli with the precious collaboration of the engineer Sara Nardin. Its construction, thanks to the construction company Malabaila Arduino, was accomplished thanks to the engineer Federica Bertoni, part of the Krause Group team, and the mayor of Castiglione Falletto Paolo Borgogno.