The Timorasso Story


Derthona, which was formerly the name of the city of Tortona, is a challenge to the great Italian wines: identifying a wine with its very territory, as it happens for Barolo, while focusing on the Piedmontese white wines structure.

The first person to believe in this project was Walter Massa, a pioneer of southeastern Piedmont who, in the mid-1980s, began the rediscovery of the native Timorasso grape variety, which had almost disappeared in favor of more productive and agronomically simpler varieties to cultivate.
Its rediscovery is now becoming a solid reality, with the arrival of Langa producers who very much believe in this project, in this variety, and in the great aging potential of the wine that derives from it.

The vineyards owned by Vietti are located in Monleale, exposed to the south-east/south-west, and in Vho, a small hamlet on the hill above Tortona.

Hence the name: Colli Tortonesi DOC Derthona Timorasso Vietti, aged for a total of 10 months in equal measure between wooden vats, ceramic and steel containers: a wine so complex and persistent that the guidelines suggest tasting it after at least three years from bottling.

Our most recent year on the market is 2021.

The floral and citrus notes of Timorasso are altered to the fruit nuances.

Minerality, acidity, and a savory finish uphold standards and courses with which “white wine” is not canonically associated.

A new, great, Piedmontese white wine that is the result of a collective work, that started from the rediscovery after the 80’s and it arrives up to the demands of today’s gastronomy – which surpasses all preconceptions.