Vietti, on the side of Upcycling corks for the future of the planet


Good. For the environment, the people, and the future. This is the spirit that identifies the Vietti brand, directing daily choices towards sustainability and projects that care about the well-being of the Earth and future generations.

So Vietti chose to be on the side of, an organization that saves corks before they become waste. After usage there is a direct-recycling process that allows them to be gifted with a new life.

The corks, thanks to Cooperativa Sociale Artimestieri, are used for sound-absorbing panels, green buildings, sustainable clothing, and green-furniture, with the promise of making life healthier inside homes and, consequently, of reducing waste, consumption, and pollution. But that’s not all.

In fact, a new campaign is active – Save the Cap – which provides for the over-compensation of CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of corks and products sold by the cooperative, by planting a tree for each shipment.

Vietti commits to collecting all the cork caps in the Cellar to give them to However, the project is destined to expand. With a view to the care and well-being of our planet Earth.