Vietti Participates in the First Edition of the Italian Plogging Championships

Asti will host the first edition of the Italian Plogging Team Championship on June 23rd, 2024.

Plogging refers to picking up abandoned trash while jogging, running, or engaging in similar activities.
This sustainable idea originated from Roberto Cavallo, the driving force behind E.R.I.C.A. SOC.COOP. and A.I.C.A – International Association for Environmental Communication and name creator, Erik Ahlström.

As in 2023, Vietti strongly supports and advocates the initiative again this year, seeing it as an activity that helps preserve the future for the next generation. But that’s not all. There will also be a team from the winery participating in the championship race, cleaning their way through the path.
Care, but above all sustainability, one of the core values that distinguishes the Vietti brand, is not limited to the daily care in the vineyards but an overall respect for the Earth.

The event on June 23rd will feature twenty teams from all over Italy, composed of four ploggers and two backups, according to the principles of gender balance. The winner will then be able to take part in the World Team Plogging Championship scheduled for September 28th in Gandino, in the province of Bergamo.

Good luck team Vietti!