Vietti presents its manifesto. Four elements that gather its identity


Telling about the reasons that guide us towards quality every single day. Describing the motivations that identify the Vietti brand and that have made it the symbol of a territory.
These are the premises that have led us to the drafting of our manifesto: Four elements that enclose our identity.


1.Improving, always
We train our expertise and winemakers’ sensitivity, while looking after every detail. That’s the style that makes our winery stand out.


2. Taking care of tradition and of those who help us safeguard it
We respect our land, the techniques, and the ancient knowledge that, along with continuous training, make our wine unique. We take care of the work that we do, aligned with the values of respect, inclusion, equity, and social well-being.


3. Respecting nature’s own pace
We have always opted for the most natural and artisanal processing techniques. This commitment stems from continuous observation, patient waiting, and from the respect for the natural cycle of our plants. We know every vineyard, observe each of them in their unique growing season, and respect them.


4. Cultivating sustainability
This is part of our philosophy and approach because what makes our wine great is the full respect towards our territory.
While working, we aim to reduce the interventions on the vineyard, and we use natural resources with care and consideration.