2023 Harvest

In a year marked by extreme weather conditions, the Langa of Barolo was fortunate enough to be spared by most of them. The experience of the winemaker, which has been indispensable in making the qualitative and quantitative difference this year, has been put to the test.

We started the harvest with Timorasso in early September: very fresh grapes with vibrant acidity and average sugar content. Around September 15, it was time for the Arneis: lower yields due to the hailstorm at the beginning of July but great elegance and balance.

Always in mid-September, Dolcetto: very ripe grapes with fruity notes, typical of this historic variety from our territory.

Barbera completed its ripening around September 25, and it was a great surprise, especially from an organoleptic point of view, as, in our opinion, it presented itself with an exceptional aging potential – mainly due to its freshness and lower concentration.

On September 30, the harvest of Barbaresco and Barolo began, which ended for Vietti on October 18. The resistance, typical of Nebbiolo, summed up to other characteristics that have really made the difference in a vintage like this. In fact, the vine has been able to react and adapt positively to any situation.

The harvest, as well as being generous, was also balanced in terms of quantity: something that had not happened for at least two years. The first perception is that the tannins have reached full maturity – an essential and not granted characteristic that will allow us to move freely in the cellar among our much-loved submerged cap vinifications. The latter favor balance, elegance, and intensity, respecting each great terroir that we are lucky enough to have.

Tired, but deeply satisfied.