Designation: Langhe Freisa D.O.C. Vivace

Grapes: 100% Freisa

Winemaking: Fermentation starts with part of the whole clusters. A small portion of unfermented must is removed from the pressed part and added before bottling.
Alcoholic fermentation lasts about 15 days with a limited number of foulage and pumping over operations. After racking, the wine undergoes a slow malolactic fermentation that lasts until late spring.
When completed, the whole mass is bottled and continues the fermentation process in the bottle. This is a fundamental process to “create” the typical bubble perceived on the palate

Aging: the bottles need to be kept upright in a cool room to regularly complete fermentation. Wine to be served at 10-12 C°. It has a good aging potential, as the natural CO2 is the best antioxidant known.

Description: Ruby-red colour, with a floral and ripe fruit aroma and hints of blackberry. Full-bodied wine, with a crisp acidity, rich and soft tannins, finesse and excellent balance, great complexity and a long lingering finish. This wine is slightly sparkling.

Food pairings: cold cuts, lamb stew, pork meat, cheese.

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