Designation: Langhe Freisa D.O.C.

Grape Variety: Freisa, 100%

Winemaking: Some of the grapes remain in whole bunches when the wine begins fermenting. From the ones that are pressed, a small portion of unfermented must is immediately taken and frozen. After this, the wine ferments for around 15 days, with limited pump-overs and handling. At this point, the Freisa wine is left to rest in old wooden containers, without added sulphur, where it undergoes malolactic fermentation. Before racking, the sweet must is thawed and melted into the wine. The whole amount is then bottled. “Remuage” — a process essential for creating the typical fine bubbles felt on the palate⁠ — is carried out and the wine continues to ferment in the bottle.

Ageing: The bottles are stored vertically in a cool environment to ensure smooth in-bottle fermentation. This wine is best enjoyed chilled (10/12° C). It ages very well, as the natural carbon dioxide is the best-known antioxidant.

Description: With a lovely ruby-red colour, this Freisa wine has floral notes, aromas of ripe berries and tar, and hints of blackberry. It is a full-bodied and well-integrated wine with fresh acidity, rich and soft tannins, elegance, excellent balance, tremendous complexity, and a long, persistent finish. This Freisa wine is slightly sparkling.

Food pairings: Cold meats, lamb stew, pork, and cheeses.

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